Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall in Full Glory

New trivia from my sister Renee
These kiddos aren't sneezing because they have autumn allergies.  It's most likely due to a gene that causes people to sneeze when they look into direct sunlight. No wonder it can be difficult to capture a picture of them on a sunny day.  (Notice both kids have gaping mouths about to sneeze)
Upham Woods 
Koco's 6th grade class had the chance to spend a few days at Upham Woods, and I got to go with her. She learned more about fishing, pond study, archery, and canoing, and went on an awesome hike and team building adventure. When I wasn't teaching fishing, I got to spend time with her. We had a blast. Thanks for letting me go with you, Koco.
Halloween 2015
 Pictured above are Buzz Lightyear, Captain Irony (Alyson to be pictured later, Studio C plug), Briar Rose (Princess Aurora), a pretty zebra, Captain America, a dinisaur, and a Cupcake Wars fan (me, not shown). We all had a great time trick-or-treating and celebrating one of our favorite holidays of the year! 
A couple from our ward wanted a picture with Joel at the ward chili cook-off/trunk or treat because they dressed up as the two main characters of Jurassic World. Pretty sweet.
Our own Princess
It's official! All of our kids have had stitches. Joel fell into a door at the gym's childcare while I was working out and got this terrible booboo. I took him for an ice cream cone before going to urgent care just to raise his spirits, hence the milky goatee. He left the doctor's office with three stitches...and a sticker of course.

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